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You'll dive into seven different marketing strategies that all use a people-first approach. From day one, you'll learn new skills, new techniques and new frameworks that you can implement right away. 

  • Partner-Led Growth: Learn how to design partnerships with organizations and influencers. Borrow authority to drive awareness, pipeline, and revenue.

  • Content Marketing: Master how to create remarkable content that educates, inspires, and cements your brand as an authority.

  • Event Marketing and Execution: Learn how to create unforgettable experiences for your prospects and customers that drive impactful revenue.

  • Product-Led Growth: Craft a frictionless buying experience that turns people that think “sure I’ll try this out” into brand advocates telling all their friends.

  • Community-Led Growth: Give your brand’s advocates a place to talk with one another, build their own network, hang out, and talk about your product and the problems it solves.

  • Customer Marketing: Understand how to turn happy customers into pipeline generators using people-first techniques.

  • Member-Led Growth: Design an owned community for your brand that includes exclusive content, events, and ongoing support for its members.

What’s Included in Your Membership

💡 Actionable Marketing Ideas & Insights

  • A new go-to-market article posted every day in Slack by Mark Kilens

  • Private Strategy Call with Mark or Nick

  • Live monthly webinars with People-first GTM experts

💯 Hundreds of GTM Resources

  • People-First Advantage Book with 175 GTM Ideas

  • 250+ templates, tools, and frameworks

📝 Marketing Classes and Courses

  • Weekly GTM Masterclasses
  • Library of 60+ On demand Masterclasses

  • People-First GTM Course & Certification 

💬 Supportive Community

  • Actionable advice from real B2B marketing pros

  • Member matchmaking

  • Regular in-person events and dinners

  • Constructive feedback on your campaigns

💲Affordable and accessible to everyone

What Other Members Have to Say

TACK Insider has transformed my approach to marketing. The actionable insights and supportive community have been invaluable.” – Kabir Uppal, GTM Partners 

Thanks to TACK Insider, our sales cycle is now 59% shorter. The people-first GTM strategy truly works.” – Natalie Marcotullio, Navattic

Our prospect interactions have improved dramatically. We're seeing better conversations and faster conversions.” – Monica Gauba, SureRev.AI

7 Reasons to Join Today

  1. Exclusive Content and Education: Access private strategy calls, weekly masterclasses, and monthly webinars with marketing and GTM experts.

  2. Comprehensive Marketing Resources: Explore a vast library of daily articles, tips, tricks, tactics, and templates.

  3. Expert Guidance: Learn directly from seasoned pros, Mark Kilens and Nick Bennett, with 25+ years of experience in B2B marketing.

  4. Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded professionals through member matchmaking, events, and meetups.

  5. Proven Growth Strategies: Implement effective strategies like Partner-Led Growth, Content-Led Growth, Event-Led Growth, and more.

  6. Affordable Membership: Enjoy all these benefits for just $15/month or $99/year, making it accessible for everyone.

  7. Career Advancement: Enhance your skills and advance your career with our People-First GTM Course & Certification.

Founded by Mark Kilens, previously a marketing leader at HubSpot and Drift, and Nick Bennett, previously a marketing leader at Clari and Alyce. ClubPF is the place that brings people together to learn how to go-to-market that matches the way people buy today.

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